Unique Alpha Features:

  • PressureCast Foam: PressureCast foam cushions are used rather than cut foam to ensure seating comfort. Upholstery contours are retained during the life of the chair. Your chair lasts longer and feels better.
  • Lumbar Support: The scientifically engineered shape hugs and supports the back from lumbar to thorax.
  • Intuitive QuickBack: QuickBack allows you to move the backrest through an unprecedented 4" range in 11 increments. Fingertip control positions the lumbar bolster exactly where you need it. The visible lever encourages adjustment.
  • Ergonomic Foot Perch: Textured ridges on the end or our bases provide excellent traction when the base is used as a foot perch. Our safe cast aluminum bases are shatter-proof and will withstand decades of use and abuse.

Alpha, a full family of highly refined seating, designed to exceed corporation's most rigorous standards.

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(AL) Air Lumbar
The air lumbar option allows the user to "dial in" the perfect amount of lumbar support.
(TH) Thoracic Air Bolster
This thoracic air bolster option allows the user to add support to the upper spine.
(HR) Headrest
Nothing relieves neck and shoulder stress quite like a headrest. Add on to your chair!

(ES) Extended Seat
Increases the width of the upholstered surface from 18½" to 20" and depth from 17½" to 18½". Standard on model 173.
(PS) Petite Seat
An incredibly diminutive 16" x 16" seat, accomodates the most petite users.
(TS) Tailbone Seat
Incorporates a special cutout to ensure the user will have no direct pressure to the coccyx region.
(VS) ViscoElastic Seat
(Also known as memory foam) An additional layer of high denisty, low ILD foam for extra comfort or for people with pressure sensitivity such as those with fibromyalgia.
(LS) Long Seat
Sometimes a seat slider just isn't enough, The LS option increases the length of the seat by 2½". Suitable for users with a greater than 21" upper leg dimension.
(WS) Work Seat
Special configuration especially designed for sit-stand-lean applications, the heavily contoured foam has relief zones in the front to minimize femoral vein pressure.

(+1A) Adjustable Height/Width/Angle Armrests
Adjustable in 4" in width, 4" in height and 360° in angle, this arm is the ergonomic workhorse of bunch. (a non-rotational version is available by specifying +1N)
(+1N) Adjustable Height/Width Armrests
Same as the +1A, minus the 360° angle adjustability.
(+1M) Adjustable Height/Width/Angle Armrests w/ Extra Wide Memory Foam Caps
Same functionality as the +1A with luxurious dual-density foam upholstered armpads.
(+7K) Adjustable Height/Width Armrests
Adjustable in width and height this arm offers a more refined look.
(+6K) Adjustable Height/Retractable Armrests
Adjustable in height when you need them, flips back out of the way when you don't.
(+3N) Fixed Loop Armrests
Sometimes arms don't have to move to move you. Available in polished aluminum by specifying (+3P).
(+5) Fixed "V" Armrests
A simple fixed armrest when adjustability is not requred.

(PB) PostureBack™ control
Free-floating, tension adjustable, rocking backrest that can be locked into eight different positions. The "anti-slap" function does not allow the backrest to inadvertently released.
An absolute work horse in call centers and other tough environments.
See adjustment card.
(ST) SingleTouch™ control
Independent adjustment of the seat and backrest angles in one convenient lever.
Brilliant for lab and teller stools, when you work without keeping your feet on the floor.
See adjustment card.
(SX) SynchroExec™ control
Synchronized free-float rocking, lockable in any position and tension is adjustable for user weight. Back angle adjusts independently for computer work and features "anti-slap" function.
An ergonomic super star - the ultimate in range, adjustability and function.
See adjustment card.

(AP) Polished Aluminum Base
Upgrade from the standard black apoxy coated base.
(FR) Footring
Height adjustable footring for applications where your feet don't touch the ground.
(SR) Standring
Super heavy duty footring for punishing environments.

Standard Casters
60 mm, dual-wheeled casters.
(PC) Parquet Casters
Soft wheeled casters for use on hard surfaces.
(GL) Glides
Nylon glides are a no charge alternative to casters.

With its extraordinary range of adjustments and options, Alpha seating enables users of all sizes to achieve the correct ergonomic relationship to their keyboard.

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