Sitmatic builds its chairs for a long and trouble-free life for both you, the dealers, and your clients. Less than 1 in 250 chairs develop a warranty problem, but when something does go wrong, please use this guide to help solve the problem.

Warranty Service


Is the chair under warranty?

All Sitmatic chairs have a ten year warranty. Some, components, however, have a longer warranty, and you need to look at the warranty carefully to determine if the part is still under warranty. Regardless, labor is only warranted for ten years.

Ask the client when they bought the chair. If the labor and the defective part is still under warranty, tell the client there will be no charge for the labor or parts. If the chair is not under warranty, refer to the Sitmatic Components Price List and add your company's labor charges.

Many clients have chairs that were made at different times. Underneath each chair, attached to the mechanism, is a white label that tells us when the chair was made. If the client doesn't know when a particular chair was made, get the serial number from this white label and call Sitmatic customer service at (800)288-1492.


When Sitmatic does the service...

In some parts of the country we have factory people or authorized furniture repair companies that do the warranty work. When you call us with a warranty problem, we will be able to tell you if your area is covered. If your area is covered by our service people, we must know the following information:

  • Client's Name
  • Client's Phone Number

  • The following information is also helpful:

  • Chair's Serial Number
  • Model & Color
  • Chair's Location
  • Type of Problem

If you do the repair work...

A) And you need a part...
Replacement parts are always sent out at no charge, as long as long as the chair is under warranty and you provide us with the following information:

  • Client's Name
  • Client's Phone Number
  • Nature of the problem
  • Model & Finish
  • Serial Number
When your replacement parts arrive, the packing list will tell you if we want the old parts back. Otherwise, just throw them away.

B) And you make the service call...
Sitmatic will pay your company back for your time and expense in fixing chairs still under warranty. Our policy is actual and reasonable expenses (sorry, no lunch). All warranty claims for labor must receive prior written approval from Sitmatic customer service at (800)288-1492.

For us to pay your company, you must give us the following information:

  • Client's Name
  • Client's Phone Number
  • Client's Address
  • Serial Number
  • Labor Time
  • Base Labor Time
  • Miles Driven
You may fax or email us this information or have your company bill us.
Your account will be credited immediately!
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