Unique AutoSit Features:

  • AutoTension Control: AutoTension control automatically senses the user's weight to provide ideal support without adjustment. The user stays in the chair because this advanced generation mechanism allows the seat to recline as they tilt through the recline range, promoting good lumbar support in any posture.
  • Contemporary Style: Rectilinear design and contemporary style appropriate for any architecturally inspired interiors.
  • PressureCast Foam: PressureCast foam cushions are used rather than cut foam to ensure seating comfort. Upholstery contours are retained during the life of the chair. Your chair lasts longer and feels better.
  • Eco-Sensitive: Constructed of recycled and easily recyclable materials - eco-friendly from manufacturing through to the end of the life's product. Environmentally friendly upholstery process eliminates glue between foam and fabric, making spearation of materials possilble during recycling.

AutoSit, the only auto-tension chair in the world whose seat reclines as you do.

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Download AutoSit Brochure

Adjustment Card AT

Adjustment Card AT (For Mesh Chair)

Download LEED Documentation

(HR) HeadRest
Nothing adds support and comfort quite like a headrest, add one to your chair!

(SS) Seat Slide
Slide the seat further away from the backrest to enhance the feeling of being "in" the chair. For long upper legs.

Choose the fucntionality of your armrests

(+4D) Adjustable Height/Width/Depth/Angle Armrests
The ultimate in adjustability. These arms almost guarantee a perfect fit.
(+5) Fixed "V" Armrests
A simple fixed armrest when adjustability is not required.
(+3N) Fixed Loop Armrests
Sometimes arms don't have to move to move you.
(+3P) Polished Aluminum Loop Armrests
Add style and grace to your chair.

(AT) AutoTension™ control
The AT creates infinite working "dwell points" allowing users of all sizes to be comfortably supported without adjustment.
(SW) Swivel control
Specifically for use on AutoSit stools or any configuration where your feet don't reach the floor.

(AP) Polished Aluminum Base
Upgrade from the standard black nylon base.
(FR) Footring
Height adjustable footring for applications where your feet don't touch the ground.
(SR) Standring
Super heavy duty footring for punishing environments.

Standard Casters
60 mm, dual-wheeled casters.
(PC) Parquet Casters
Soft wheeled casters for use on hard surfaces.
(GL) Glides
Nylon glides are a no charge alternative to casters.

AutoSit, the world's first auto tensioning chair with natural motion that provides infinite "dwell points" to effortlessly support a myriad of users without the fuss of adjustments.

Sitmatic: Building the chairs you need.