Unique Allegra Features:

  • Advanced Suspension: Sitmatic has used suspension material for years. It is the best way to make a chair respond to a user's movements and yet maintain the chair's thin profile.
  • Spring Steel Flex: The secret to Allegra's comfort is its multi-leaf spring that allows the upper backrest to flex and automatically return the user to an upright posture. It's the open torso to thigh angle that an executive finds so luxurious.
  • Steel Frame Construction: The sinuous curves of the chair's profile are achieved by forming tubular steel into a rugged and durable chassis.
  • Exquisite Upholstery: Sitmatic's tailors use traditional taped seam upholstery to add accentuating details to the Allegra's shape.
  • Seamless, Intensive-Use Base: Safety is ensured with this specially engineered, five star base. Cast as a single piece, there are no welds to break.

Allegra, sophisticated ergonomic executive seating with innovative construction.

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(AA) Brushed Aluminum Armrests
Upgrade from black aluminum arms. Arm strip remains black polyurethane.
(US) Upholstered Arm Strip
Upholstered arm strip only. Picture shows AA and US options.

(XD) XtremeDuty Control
Specifically for users heavier than 300 pounds where increased tilt tension ranges are needed.

(AB) Brushed Aluminum Base
Upgrade from the standard black aluminum base.

Standard Casters
60 mm, dual-wheeled casters.
(PC) Parquet Casters
Soft wheeled casters for use on hard surfaces.
(CS) Spoked Casters
60 mm, black/silver casters add style and grace.

With advanced suspension material carefully concealed under expert tailoring, the Allegra is both a high tech marvel and an exquisite piece of furniture.

Sitmatic: Building the chairs you need.