Unique Pogo® Features:

  • PressureCast Seat Foam: PressureCast foam cushions are used rather than cut foam to ensure seating comfort. Upholstery contours are retained during the life of the chair. Your chair lasts longer and feels better.
  • Freedom of Motion: Pogo offers the greatest range of motion of any standing assist product.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension: Twist Pogo's upright to fine tune its tension to fit your unique body and preference.
  • Non-Skid Base: Pogo's base ensures you are safe and secure.

Pogo®: make standing fun.

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PressureCast™ Seat
Ergonomic contouring for years of support and comfort. Easily adjustable with 360° adjustment ring.


Pogo® Frame
Upright and base plate available in black and silver.
Non-Skid Base
Ensures you are safe and secure. Point the directional indicator towards your workplace and lean.

Adjustable Spring Tension
Twist to fine-tune and fit your unique body and preference. Available in Black and Silver.


/44001 Dreamweave Black
/44006 Dreamweave Charcoal
/44002 Dreamweave Navy
/44007 Dreamweave Aqua
/44008 Dreamweave Cologne
/44009 Dreamweave Napa
/44005 Dreamweave Ember
/44010 Dreamweave Tropicana

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