When soliciting government business, please remember the following points. The government agency must issue the purchase order directly to Sitmatic. Please ensure that the purchasing agent references your dealership on the purchase order. It is difficult to track the order without your dealer name referenced. For example, a purchase order should look like this:

Anthro International, Inc. (DBA SITMATIC)

c/o XYZ Interiors

1800 Raymer Ave.

Fullerton, CA 92833

Purchase orders issued by a government agency, written directly to your dealership, cannot and will not be processed. The GSA Price Guide is a NET price list. There are no freight charges; everything is delivered dockside, in plainly marked Sitmatic cartons. If the government agency needs design services, installation and/or inside delivery and set-up, you may have them include that charge in the purchase order. The entire amount will be rebated back to your dealership.

Only Category 5 Sitmatic Fabrics and Customer’s Own Material (COM) are offered on the contract. Orders for other than Category 5 Sitmatic fabrics accepted under this contract must be calculated as COM. If the government wants to buy their COM to put on Sitmatic chairs, we will gladly accept those orders under standard GSA contract terms. Only those items listed in the GSA Price Guide can be purchased by the government under this GSA contract. All other items must be purchased open market.

To better partner with authorized Sitmatic dealers, we have a “Specifying Dealer” program. This program only applies to GSA business that originated with and has been specified by a dealer. The following terms and conditions apply:

Specifying dealer must provide project information including end user name, contact name and phone number, size of project and products involved, at inception of opportunity. Sitmatic reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a project qualifies for the Specifying Dealer Program. Upon approval, a formal quote will be assigned. The corresponding quote number must be referenced at time of order.

Specifying Dealer Program pertains to individual projects, and is not a blanket registration for all GSA business.

You must be authorized dealer, in good standing at the time of registration. If you, as the specifying dealer are awarded the project, full GSA commission will be paid to your dealership.

If Sitmatic is awarded the business through another authorized Sitmatic dealer, in good standing, other than the specifier, the commission will be split as follows; 100% to the specifying dealer, 0% to the winning dealer. There is also a provision to adjust the commission split rates where there are extenuating circumstances. (Contact the VP Sales for prior approval.)

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