We are both in organizations obviously concerned about the environment and the legacy we leave our children. No ethical organization wants to contribute to the demise of our planet. Because you are reading this policy statement, you want to know whether Sitmatic is part of the problem or part of the solution. We make this commitment: throughout our organization, from product design, through manufacturing and into aftermarket services, if there is a feasible way to conduct our business in a more ecologically responsible way, we will.

No False Promises
Many manufacturers make claims that sound ecologically sensitive, but in fact are simply normal business practices. Does our steel have recycled content? Of course, but it is impossible to buy steel today without recycled content. How about our aluminum? Certainly, it has a higher recycled content than steel and is very easily recycled, but that is the inherent nature of aluminum. The glue we use is HVOC free and uses citrus-based solvents, but with any factory in California, it would be against the law to use solvent-based adhesives. Do we now mark all of our plastic parts with their recycled content? Absolutely, but we sell world-wide and we can't sell into the EU without those codes. Sitmatic goes above and beyond these baseline standards in sustaining the environment.

Green Check Certified
By stringent design criteria, we have chosen parts that together produce a chair that is certified compliant for LEED-CI indoor environmental air quality. This means that there are less chemicals emitted by our chairs and its components. By choosing Sitmatic chairs for your workplace you are also contributing to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable environment.

Because of our quality, our most significant contribution to sustainability started 18 years ago and has become part of our corporate infrastructure. If is our popular "Chair Renewal" program, which allows us to completely remanufacture our seating to like-new condition. Yes, our components last a lifetime, but unfortunately fabrics and foams do not. When the foam flattens and the fabric is in shreds, used chairs come back to the factory and leave as a seemingly brand new chair. This we do for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the materials required to manufacture a new chair.

To The Future
Because of our reputation of quality, our chairs end up in some incredibly hostile environments: police stations, military bases, around-the-clock call centers. As we design, we constantly look to alternative materials that are inherently more easily recycled. Many areas already show good promise. Aluminum, where technically possible, is our newest material of choice. Non-backed and recycled PET and polyesters, are our first choices. We always use CFC free foams. We do not, and will not, use rainforest hardwoods in our product. Mahogany and teak are beautiful woods but they need to be homes for birds, not ornamentation in an office.

Everyday Life at Sitmatic
We want to make every Sitmatic employee, from administration through production, ecologically sensitive. And it starts everyday with their morning coffee in a porcelain coffee mug.

We recycle 100% of our corrugated waste, mostly created from inbound raw material packaging. This amounts to over one truckload per day. Our outbound chairs are shipped blanket-wrapped whenever possible, eliminating the cartons altogether. When we do carton, the cartons contain no staples. This means installers can fold the boxes perfectly flat to be easily carted off to the recycling station. Our cartons consist of 25% recycled material. Our factory has 50% more skylights than is required and the walls are painted white to reduce energy consumption. (Of course, this makes good business sense as well) Sitmatic has also converted to 100% biodegradable green bags as opposed to the widely used polyethylene bags. In addition, we have gone through extensive measures to go "paperless" by receiving and sending information electronically. In doing so, we have eliminated useless paper consumption and have saved hundreds of feet in filing space.

What do we do to help the environment? We build extraordinary durable chairs using more steel than plastic and these components last a lifetime. Because of this quality we do something most other seating manufacturers can't do - we warrant all our chairs for 24-hour usage with no weigh limit. And to make sure that a chair is not discarded for a minor problem, we expressly include labor. So with just a phone call, the chair returns to life.

Our Promise
We commit ourselves that all furniture designs will use a much recycled and recyclable content as possible and any manufacturing processes we, or our subcontractors employ, will be as environmentally friendly as possible. And if you think we could do a better job, or you have an idea for us, please drop me a note at Paul@sitmatic.com. After all, we're in this together.

Sitmatic: Building the chairs you need.