There comes a time in every chair's life when it needs to be replaced or renewed. Soiled fabric, a scuffed shell, or a sticky caster do not necessarily require a replacement chair. Simple renewal may suffice. Sitmatic prides itself on the structural integrity of its products and recommends that clients always look to renew their "veteran" Sitmatic chair before considering a replacement. The Renewal Process is as follows:

1. The chair is completely disassembled.
2. Mechanical integrity is checked on all components. If a chair control or pneumatic cylinder needs to be replaced, the customer is notified and asked for approval of the additional expense (because of the nature of Sitmatic controls and cylinders, this is rarely necessary).
3. The foam on the seat and backrest is replaced.
4. Casters and exterior shells are replaced.
5. The chair is reupholstered and reassembled.
6. The chair is subjected to the same quality control process as new products.
7. The chair is packaged and returned to the client.

The refurbishing process is so complete that your employees assume they have received new chairs. Because the foam, fabric, casters and backrest shells have been replaced, these components are warranted again as if they were on a new chair. Despite the hours of labor involved in disassembling and then reassembling a chair, we attempt to keep this price as low as possible. We see refurbishing as a part of our "partnering" with clients. Please contact your Sitmatic dealer for current refurbishment pricing.

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